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Frequently Asked Questions

What about the car insurance, who pays for my care?

Usually, there is no out-of-pocket expenses to you. We handle all of the paper work and we work with the car accident insurance companies to get your bills paid.

I think I might need x-rays or an MRI. Can you do that?

Yes, if needed, x-rays or an MRI study can be done. We work with multiple imaging centers all over Orange County.

Do I need to hire an Attorney?

Our experienced staff will help you determine if you should consult with an attorney. If you retain legal representation, we will work with your lawyer and provide all necessary documents and reports.

How long does it take to get better after a car accident?

It really depends. Sometimes it may only take a few weeks, in other cases, it may take much longer. Dr. Kroes will explain your prognosis and will teach you how to take care of your body to minimize the chance of developing chronic or recurrent pain.

When will I be able to get an appointment?

In most cases you can be seen on the day you call. It is important to begin therapy as soon after your injury as possible in order to speed your recovery.

What can chiropractic do for auto accident injuries?

Research shows effective chiropractic treatments have proved successful for many thousands of auto accident patients. A chiropractor can in most cases, significantly reduce pain, restore normal movement, overcome muscle weakness, speed recovery, reduce inflammation, reduce muscle spasms and scar tissue, and increase overall well being by stabilizing the injuries from the accident.

Why are medical records and reports important?

Medical reports and records are very important to your insurance claim because they are evidence of your injuries. Proper documentation not only includes a description of your injuries, it also must include exam findings, treatment plan, description of your pain, time lost from work, functional loss, recovery time, prognosis, and any other future medical treatment that may be needed.

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